Album Review: New Politicians – Remission

Starting out as a two piece with brothers Gian Cortese and Renal Anthony back in 2012, New Politicians has since added two more members and released a new EP titled Remission. As I listen through I find it hard to believe that this New Jersey quartet have yet to be snatched up by a label. Upon giving the album a quick listen to see if it was something I wanted to review, I was instantly reminded of Interpol and couldn’t help but get swept up in the seven tracks featured on the EP. The fact that I was unable to just listen to a snippet of one song should speak to the pull that New Politicians are capable of.

Album opener “Relevator” introduces the dark yet elegant sound of New Politicians. The track is a great album opener with its driving guitar riffs and beat that create a feeling of restlessness as it pushes along call to mind one of my favorite Post-rock acts, Editors. Brooding guitars with a meandering bass line carry “Cut a Hole” under bleak lyrics. “So you cut a hole too deep / Deep as the river that runs through the veins, she said to you,” Renal speaks over the chorus. I can’t help but be drawn to this track and play it at least one more time before allowing the next song to play.

“Been in the Wars” is the most upbeat track thus far, with shimmering guitars and dream pop flourishes. It’s another song I can’t help but listen to one repeat a few times. The foursome takes things back down a bit with slow burner “Images.” The dark, foreboding guitars and vocals over the regimental drums create the perfect moody track to carry you through the middle of Remission.

Another slow burner, “Killer on the Mend” feels almost cinematic. With it’s shoegaze, reverbed guitars and droning voclas, the listener can’t help but be immersed in the moody, dream world that New Politicians craft so seemingly effortlessly. The title track continues to hypnotize with layered guitars, feverishly building throughout it’s nearly seven minutes but never fully releasing thus putting the listener on edge when it finally fizzles out. New Politicians know how to structure a song both lyrically and musically and you can really hear that on album closer, “The Idealist.” The musical landscape is vast and intricate and you’ll find yourself reaching the end of the track left wanting more.

New Politicians are not only comfortable in their music but confident. Each note, each lyric is perfectly placed to help create a dream pop / shoegaze / post punk world that is clear from the very first notes of Remission. And even with such a strong set of songs, you can tell that the band is not done growing which means there’s still something for them to aspire to. Remission leaves a lasting impression that will haunt you long after the final note plays.

Remission is available for purchase on Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes.