Album Review: Mr. Phylzzz – Sound Like Everybody Else

It’s hard to believe that it took just two people to create the lo-fi punch of Mr. Phylzzz’s new EP, Sound Like Everybody Else. Feeling the need to explore their weird side a bit more, former Killtones members Clinton Vearil (guitar/vocals) and Ray Redmon (drums) formed Mr. Phylzzz. The result is a killer EP that grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go until the last track fizzles out.

“FLYZZZ” kicks things off with a mix of grunge and blues rock which would be fumbled by many but works well under the direction of Vearil and Redmon. Static fades into a repetitive guitar riff before launching into an all out sludge fest. This track demands to be experienced live, where you can truly thrash out.

“NO PLANZZZ” starts out sounding a bit like a 70’s rock ballad as a somber guitar plays under Vearil’s soft, almost pleading vocals. The chorus heralds in Nirvana-esque fuzz as Vearil’s vocals become a screech that puts you on edge. The back and forth between the verses and choruses work nicely, especially when Redmon and Vearil completely let go at around the two and a half minute mark.

Again, this Cincy duo jump genres over to indie rock for “QUEER FEAR” without missing a beat. The driving drums and guitars that open the track might take you by surprise after drudging through the first half of Sound Like Everybody Else but listen closely and you’ll hear Mr. Phylzzz’s signature fuzz coming through.

“LAY.IT.ON.ME” has another bit of a classic rock feeling to the opening vocals and simple guitar strums before diving full force into that trash rock sound that these guys do so well. Like “FLYZZZ,” this track is one that should probably be experienced in a live setting to truly appreciate the energy that flows through it from start to finish.

Mr. Phylzzz puts out a unique set of songs on Sound Like Everybody Else. You can tell Vearil and Redmon truly just let themselves go in whatever direction the music took them. I’m always left wanting more when the final static of “LAY.IT.ON.ME” fades out and, even more so, left needing to see these tracks played live.