Album Review: Lemon Sky – Dos

Adult life has been kicking my butt recently, so much so that I’ve had little time for anything but work and adulting like a pro on my off time which means I’ve fallen behind on new releases. Thankfully, things seem to have settled down a bit and I’m finally finding pockets of time to spend listening to and discovering new music. The break couldn’t have come at a better time as Cincy fivesome, Lemon Sky, have just released their sophomore LP, Dos. While there are a myriad of psychedelic garage rock bands currently out there right now but few manage to craft music with the precision or gusto as Lemon Sky. Dos is an impressive sophomore album that calls to mind Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and a sprinkling of The Beatles.

“Err” eases you into Dos with moody guitars that sound as if they jumped right off of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. Aaron Madrigal’s vocals come in through the haze, pulling you under Lemon Sky’s spell from which you won’t be released until long after the last notes of the album play. “Err” builds right into the album’s title track without skipping a beat. Silky harmonies meld together as the guitar riffs brighten up a bit and lull you into an almost dreamlike state.

Dos really opens up with third track, “Guillotine,” which sounds like the love child of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The fuzzy guitars and stomping beat drive the track to the three minute mark when the track truly breaks open. You’ll find yourself thrashing around with your air guitar before you even know what hit you. Another album highlight would have to be the slow burning “Submarine.” Again, the guys build a moody atmosphere with an ambling bass riff which drifts under under airy guitars. The tempo picks up a bit around the two minute mark before letting you slip back into the hazy opening riffs. “Submarine” kicks it up again at the four minute mark building up until you feel like you might burst with the need to get up and move before taking it back down for “Navel of the Moon.”  The album’s seventh track feels like a lovely ode to Abbey Road era Beatles.

Dos closes out perfectly with the eight minute epic, “Ash and Bone.” You’ll know you’re in for a treat as soon as the foreboding strings and soft chanting harmonies come in. The opening builds before dropping off and letting Lemon Sky’s signature guitar riffs pick the track back up. The song builds beautifully to an epic arena rock sound that should be played at full volume whenever it comes on and I can’t help but hope that the guys make it into town for a show so I can hear it played live.

Lemon Sky do a great job of making any listener feel like they are back in rock’s glory days. They perfectly balance paying homage to their influences while still managing to craft their own sound that pulls the listener down a rabbit hole of psychedelic rock.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Dos on Amazon, Bandcamp, Google, or iTunes.