Album Review: Leggy – Dang

Lately I’ve been in need of some motivation, something to grab me and kick me into overdrive. Thankfully, up and coming garage rock trio Leggy just released a new EP that is dripping with sweet saccharine pop hiding beneath surf rock infused punk that’ll have you up and dancing like a go-go dancer on speed in no time.

Dang rips off with the beachy guitars and frantic beat of “Bruises.” Véronique Allaer’s vocals rush urgently over the hazy guitars making you feel breathless by the time the track comes to an end.

Allaer named “Even Lana” as her favorite track off the four song EP when I interviewed her and it’s easy to see why. “Even Lana” is a perfect example of the succinct way Leggy punches up their biting punk rock sounds with sugary pop without losing any of the kick. “I’m done kissing boys who can’t even hold my attention,” Allaer sings over frenzied drums and crackling guitars. The track oozes 90’s alt rock with just enough pop to ensure that it will stick in your brain for days.

You’ll barely get a second to breathe before “Backyard” pulls you back under with dreamy vocals and vicious guitars. Cuttings lyrics like “Like a baby smoking cigarettes, or a lash against the cornea, you are abrasive and offensive, I really gotta stop rewarding you,” hide behind Allaner’s honeyed vocals showing how well Leggy can make punk rock feel sweeter than it ever has before.

The EP closes out perfectly with ominous guitars before launching into a surf rock infused bass line. You’ll find yourself gulping for air after Dang’s unrelenting nine minute run finishes but unable to resist hitting repeat and getting swept up in the candied punk world Leggy spins again and again.

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