Album Review: Jessie Abbey – The Deep and the Sea

Sometimes all you need to help jump start some creativity is a change in scenery. This was the case for singer-songwriter Jessie Abbey who made the move from sunny California to the just as sunny Florida with her band, Musical Charis. The move sparked Abbey to explore the music of her upbringing, revisiting classic folk from the likes of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. By combing those retro-folk sounds with some pop sensibility used for Musical Charis, Abbey manages to craft a charming set of songs on her upcoming EP, The Deep And The Sea.

The folk influence comes through heavily on the EP’s title track. A soft breezes blows into country rock tinged guitar riff heralding the arrival of Abbey’s soulful vocals on the opening verse. The track has a country feel to the storytelling but instead of conjuring images of dirt roads, Abbey’s lyrics evoke that of an ocean, whether literal or metaphorical, that the narrator is embarking on as they leave an old life behind to begin a new one.

While “The Deep and the Sea” is very much a folk ballad, both “Skin” and “Creatures” play more to the pop side of things. “Skin” is a nice simple track that allows Abbey to truly showcase her affecting vocals. Abbey chooses to keep her vocals softer here though still packing an emotional punch.

“Creatures” further crosses the line over to straight up pop. The track opens with some organs as Abbey’s ethereal vocals echo in the background. There is some real atmosphere to the track that give it a slight uneasy feeling as Abbey sings “I forgot to say I’m sorry / I forgot to warn you darling / The creatures of the night, haunting you / Their beady little eyes, watching you.” It’s tough for me to pick a favorite track on The Deep and the Sea but “Creatures” is definitely a front runner as I love it more with each listen.

Abbey manages to pack a lot of heart and soul into The Deep and the Sea’s five tracks. The listener gets a taste of everything that Abbey has to offer something for everyone whether they love some soulful folk or are catchy pop tune addicts.

The Deep and the Sea‘s is yet to be released but you can keep up with news on Jessie Abbey’s website. Abbey is currently tearing things up on tour so make sure to check the ‘shows’ section to see if she’s hitting a city near you.