Album Review: Jeremy Messersmith – Heart Murmurs

Love is a topic covered over and over again in music but never with as much depth and precision as on Jeremy Messersmith’s fourth LP, Heart Murmurs. It’s a look at love from numerous angles and perspectives which helps create a beautifully crafted and well rounded album. Jeremy’s signature baroque and folk sounds are there but there’s so much more to this album than previous LPs.

As the album title suggests, Heart Murmurs is about love in all of its forms. Per usual, Jeremy provides an all encompassing look at the subject at hand, creating some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking songs that I’ve ever heard. Each listen makes me appreciate it more and more and has made it nearly impossible to pick a favorite track among the 11 that compile the album.

The first two songs, “It’s Only Dancing” and “Tourniquet”, are heavily influenced by 80’s pop but still contain Jeremy’s trademark chamber pop sound. “It’s Only Dancing” sounds like it came straight out of a John Hughes movie except for the happy ending while “Tourniquet” is a song about true devotion.

“I’m going to hurt you, make you cry / Only thing I need is time” Jeremy’s soft voice promises over Brit-pop infused pianos and guitars on “Bridges”. It’s a song that is reminiscent of Travis at their prime, beautiful and full of angst. “Ghost” was inspired by a trip to Jeremy’s childhood home, its haunting lyrics and guitars will remind anyone of a first journey home after leaving to pursue their own life.

While “I Want To Be Your One Night Stand” doesn’t sound like it would be the most romantic song on the album, but it is. Simple acoustic guitar chords compliment Jeremy’s voice nicely here as he sings “So let’s leave the kids at home / You wear that blouse, I’ll wear cheap cologne / Throw away our wedding bands / I wanna be your one night stand”.

Heart Murmurs is full of songs that could finally make Jeremy Messersmith into the mega-artist he deserves to be as it’s chock full of radio ready tracks perfect for TV and movies. It’s also a great demonstration of the kind of artist Jeremy is. He’s fantastic at mixing genres to create new and interesting songs along with understanding when to show restraint and when to kick it up to 11. If he keeps putting out albums like this, it can really only be a matter of time before he finally hits it big.

You can buy Heart Murmurs on Jeremy’s official site, Amazon, or iTunes.