Album Review: Graceful Closure – Rév

Graceful Closure, an indie pop trio from Ohio, fully funded their IndieGoGo and created their EP Rév, which drops July 21, 2015. Jared Condon reached out and asked us to review Rév and I decided to give it a first listen as I did some research. Graceful Closure lives behind a sincere message, “you can be a part of something bigger than you and that there is more to this life than feeling alone and feeling like there is no value to it,” Condon says. Bryce Condon adds, “a dream to bring light to this dark world.”

“Bound has become the new free in a society that defines hurt as the norm. We feel the need to hide our hurt because we feel alone in our world of hurt, yet we are not alone. In fact if we lived in a culture where people could trust their darkest secrets to light we would find we are all on the same journey. We are searching for something to believe in.  Something to define us. Where grace would bring closure to our hurt. Where love would reign in all rather than some. Where boundless would be free rather than the opposite of these. This is Graceful Closure’s Dream and we won’t stop until it becomes culture.

Join us.”

The EP opens with “I’ll Find You”, a song you believe to be something you’d hear during a church service, however; that changes fifteen seconds in when the cheerful keys begin, and you feel as if you’ve been pulled into an Owl City song. That transition alone perked my interest to continue listening and give these guys a chance.

“Choices”, their single, is one of my favorites. All around good vocals, gradation of music, and crescendos. Condon explains the story behind “Choices”, “We are all fighting against who we are and who we want to be. We live in a world where everyone is trying to promote their agenda. It’s like the world is so loud we cannot hear our thoughts over society’s trends. This song is that story. You have a choice… A choice to live… A choice to be more than trends.”

While Owl City bounces back to me during the beginning of “Ruins,” when Condon begins to rap, it’s an instant Tyler Joseph, of Twenty One Pilots, moment. I feel you could switch vocalists between these two bands and not know the difference.

The slow, intertwining layers of “Back To You” really upgraded my impression of the band from their opener, “I’ll Find You”. Condon’s vocals of this song are pleasant and it’s a much better vocal range for him.

Their motto really speaks out in “Chasing Fears”. Closing out their EP with the buoyant, “Never alone / in the dark / chasing fears, never alone / let’s leave a mark / we are here.” For me, this song speaks hope and I believe that’s what Graceful Closure wants its listeners to feel–hope–in themselves and in this somber world that we are living in.

You can preorder the Rév now on Bandcamp or Amazon.