Album Review: Foxture – EDEN

Sometimes there’s nothing I love more than putting my headphones on and letting the rest of the world melt away while I get completely lost in an album. Not just any album will do. For me to truly be swept away from reality I need an album that completely envelopes me. My latest soundtrack for escaping is the newest release from North Caroline foursome Foxture.

The rewound vocals on the opening title track of EDEN caught my attention immediately drawing me right into “Understanding, Pt. 1.” I was reminded a bit of one of my favorite albums from 2014, From Indian Lakes’ Absent Sounds. Like From Indian Lakes, Foxture creates a lush landscape of sounds that I could get lost in for days. Singer Marlon Blackmon’s ethereal breathy vocals float perfectly over the track’s airy keys and driving beat. The intimate feel of Blackmon’s vocals makes “Understanding, Pt. 1” feel intimate, almost like a personal conversation with the singer.

The atmosphere of “Us” is thick and heady. Blackmon’s vocals drift from the focal point of the track and merging with the instrumentals creating a haunting effect throughout the song. The piano is the driving force of “Us” but the more you listen, the more textures you’ll find. I’m a sucker for a track that takes multipe listens to know completely.

At times, Foxtures sound feels otherworldly and unclassifiable. There are tinges of dream and ambient pop but there’s a very distinct abstract feeling to Foxture’s sound as well. “Heartbeat” feels like the band’s interpretation of a ballad but even that description doesn’t seem apt enough. The sparkly guitars are hypnotic and work with Blacmon’s rich vocals to lull the listener into a deep trance. I couldn’t help but listen to this track over and over, allowing it to convince me that, at least in that moment, all was right in the world.

In a time where it seems like an impossible feat to escape the harshness of reality, I’m grateful to have bands like Foxture. EDEN has provided me with a wonderful 25-minute escape where I can disappear into a vibrant land filled with beautiful soundscapes where everything is just fine.

You can stream EDEN on Spotify or pick up a copy on Bandcamp, Google, or iTunes