Album Review: Farnsworth – Farnsworth EP

Drawing inspiration from rock and roll’s best decades, West Virginia trio, Farnsworth, have just released their self-titled debut EP. I really do love the fuzzy post-grunge sounds of the 90’s, which combined with some 60’s and 70’s classic rock makes Farnsworth destined to be a band that I would fall in love with. The four track EP is a short but sweet introduction to the group who is already working on a full length LP hopefully coming out in 2016.

The EP opens with “On the Ground Again,” which instantly calls to mind Dinosaur Jr., who I’ve had on repeat for months now. Fuzzy guitars wrapped around catchy “Oooh ooohs” make it an ear worm that crawls into your head and nests there for days. You can hear the 70’s oozing out of the hooks on the chorus of “Priorities,” as the harmonies of the repeated “you are wrong,” swell then fall off again into the verse. The dirty guitars and vocals of the verses is what pulls the 90’s sound that I love into the track.

“For You” slows things down with a hypnotic, soulful bassline that draws you in right from the start. It’s heavier than the rest of the album, mixing in some blues with southern rock guitars which helps make the track an instant favorite for me. The EP goes out on another blues infused track that cranks the pace back up a bit. Gritty vocals reminiscent of some of the best southern rock sail over the catchy hooks and beat ending the EP on a high note and enticing you to start it all over again for another listen.

Farnsworth put out a strong set of tracks on their self-titled EP that rock fans will be unable to resist. I look forward to seeing what the trio can accomplish with a full length LP, until then, it’s back to the beginning for another listen of these hard to rock hits.

Pick up the EP over on CDBaby.