Album Review: Fanfarlo – Let’s Go Extinct

Fanfarlo worked collectively with sound engineer David Wrench in North Wales, producing a philosophical album that explores human existence and evolution. Let’s Go Extinct is a well thought-out, themed album that you should listen to while you’re stargazing, in the middle of a field, imagining the livelihood of our universe. Fanfarlo’s mastermind, Simon Balthazar, puts his experimentation on display with Let’s Go Extinct, going back to a tone they debuted with on Reservoir, much different from Rooms Filled with Light.

With a curious mind, Balthazar opens with, “I think of us when we were molecules / Sitting in the dark and waiting for reactions to occur” in the album’s first song “Life in the Sky”, setting the scene of the album with space-inspired effects. My favorite, “Landlocked” bursts into life mid-album intertwining 80’s influenced synth-pop and layers of instrumentation. Balthazar imaginatively takes the album through the bittersweet theories of evolution and closes with, “We’re standing in the way of ourselves / It’s clear the world will go on without us and the dust will rearrange itself again” during the albums final song, the title track.

Fanfarlo’s fourth album, Let’s Go Extinct, is shaped by solid songcraft, creating ten dream-pop songs that will indisputably strengthen their fanbase. If they lost fans after the release of Rooms Filled with Light, this album will most likely push them to re-evaluate Fanfarlo’s future. Let’s Go Extinct is chucked full of different sounds including brass, strings, and woodwind instruments that build a beautiful foundation for this brilliant 10 track album. Their orchestral indie-pop is more uplifting than their lyrics―definitely a great album for a thoughtful listener.

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