Album Review: Dream Chief – Movement EP

In my struggle to keep things coming out on the regular, I managed to miss a promised review from an interview I did with electro-pop duo, Dream Chief, from all the way back in September. Looking to right that wrong, I went back and gave the Movement EP a listen. It only took a few notes for me to be reminded of how much I enjoyed it and I’m happy to be (finally) bringing you my review.

The Movement  EP opens strongly with the dreamy “IDK Why” which is filled with ethereal synths and vocals. The track is a slow burner that hooks you immediately and is quite possibly my favorite track of the five. “Electricity” is an 80’s synth pop infused dance number that you will find yourself unable to resist. Even listening to it now it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to get up and dance to the beat.

“Pretend” has a bit of a soul feel mixed into the duo’s electronic dance vibes. Musically the track remains relatively sparse throughout it’s nearly three minute run but I find myself just as addicted to it as I was with “IDK Why.” I’m not sure if it’s the catchy chorus, the wonderfully paced cadence of the verses, or simply the repeating beat that has me coming back for more.

“Math” has a lovely tropical vibe to it that’s very reminiscent of The Kooks. It’s another song that will have you up and dancing and forgetting that we’re about to be in the throes of winter as it hypnotizes you with its warm sounds. The Movement EP closes out with another synth fueled dance number. The Tuttles once again throw an 80s dance vibe into their signature electronic sound on “Who Knows,” making it the perfect way to close out the five song set.

While each song has a slightly different feel to it, the Movement EP ends up being a perfect, cohesive first outing for the duo. The five short but sweet tracks will have you up and moving in no time, leaving you wanting more by the time the last notes of “Who Knows” play through your speakers.

You can pick the Movement EP up on iTunes, Google, and Amazon