Album Review: DL Rossi – The Apartment EP

Sometimes the best way to discover a new artist is to hear them perform live which is exactly how I fell in love with the music of DL Rossi. Packed into the intimate setting of The Loving Touch just over two years ago, a nice hush fell over the crowd as Rossi filled his short set with his simple yet emotionally raw songs was the perfect introduction. I bought his self-titled album as soon as his set ended and have found myself returning to it regularly since. There were a lot of albums I was excited to get into my hands last year and I would say that Rossi’s newest set of tracks was one of them.

Like that cold January night, Rossi keeps it simple with The Apartment EP. His self-titled album had plenty of rock packed in it’s thirteen song set but he chose to go with a more stripped down sound for The Apartment EP. This allows his song writing prowess and soulful vocals to shine brightly throughout the EP which adds a wonderful, personal touch to each track. I knew from opening track, “Our Old Apartment,” that I would love this new set of songs as much as everything else he’s released. An acoustic guitar riff opens the track up before Rossi’s impassioned vocals come in and begins to reminisce about going back to a time when love was new. It’s a track that most people can probably relate to and is perfect for day where you lay in bed and watch the rain fall.

In fact, that’s really how the whole album should be listened to. Alone, in a dark room as you allow Rossi’s smooth vocals to wash over you with no other distractions. Because his music shouldn’t be listened to passively on the first listen through, you need to take it in so you can hear all the intricacies of the music and lyrics. This is especially important for “Against the Wall” which Rossi wrote for The Acoustic Guitar Project in just a week’s time. The track was reworked a bit for the EP but it’s impressive to think that it was written in such a short time. I heard the song live when he played it during his set for Fusion Shows’ Eighth Birthday Show which is probably why it’s my favorite track on the EP because even in a room packed full of people you still couldn’t help but feel like Rossi was playing just for you.

The Apartment EP may be a bit simpler than DL Rossi’s full length album but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. You can truly get the feel of his songwriting abilities from the five tracks. For me, the best thing about the EP is if I close my eyes I can be transported back to either time I’ve seen Rossi live which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You can pick up The Apartment EP on Amazon, Bandcamp, or iTunes and don’t forget to check out my interview with Rossi.