Album Review: Dinner And A Suit – Stay EP

Jumping off the momentum of their 2012 album, Since Our Departure, Dinner and a Suit have been touring basically non-stop ever since. Stay was written on the road and the theme of wandering can definitely be heard throughout the EP’s 4 tracks. Working with producer Paul Moak (Lovedrug, The Weeks) in their home base of Nashville, the guys decided to record the EP live to tape. While the sound is slightly different than Since Our Departure, it’s more of a step into the future sound of Dinner and a Suit rather than a complete transformation.

First single, “Can’t Get Enough”, starts the EP out with a build up of distorted guitars before the polished indie pop sound of Dinner and a Suit kicks in. The song has a particularly catchy beat that is hard to resist as Jonathan Capeci’s smooth voice sings about a personal battle with his own shortcomings. The rest of the album is filled with equally catchy hooks that make them all perfect for radio and TV play.

The transition into “Get You Back” is effortless. The track is a bit slower than “Can’t Get Enough”, building up to the chorus. While the verses sound simple at first, upon further listening I’m hearing all kinds of layers that softly compliment Capeci’s voice. The chorus is an explosion of guitars and thunderous drums as Capeci sings “Gonna get you back even if it’s the last thing I do.” I really love the trade off of the snaps and echoing drum / tambourine as the driving beat throughout song.

“A Way Out” is another bright indie pop gem with shimmering guitars and even more infectious beats. Dinner and a Suit use this track to showcase just how big they can sound. The song is another great example of the intricate layering of musical textures that DAAS seems to have perfected over their time on the road. “A Way Out” was made for a large arena filled with screaming fans.

Stay closes with “Everything That You Do”, which is quickly becoming my favorite song on the EP. Serene guitars lead into echoing vocals before Capeci’s voice chimes in with the opening verse. This song in particular sounds like it belongs a every TV drama and movie trailer set to come out this year, and I mean that in a good way. I could see it easily catching the same kind of hype that Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” or The Fray’s “How To Save A Life” did when they came out.

What Dinner and a Suit accomplishes with Stay is showing that their sound has grown since Since Our Departure and are on the brink of blowing up. These four tracks are so perfectly layered that I’m still hearing new sounds as I listen through Stay again and again. Prepare to have these little ear worms crawl into your head, get stuck there for days and enjoy it.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Jonathan Capeci about the making of Stay and pick up the EP on iTunes, Amazon, or the band’s official site.