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Album Review: CryFace – Smart Kids

Hailing from the small town of Blissfiled, MI, CryFace’s four members found a bond in their appreciation of 70’s rock and experimental music. You can hear these influences dripping off of every song on their newest album, Smart Kids. The album touches on the anxiety of coming of age in our current political climate.

Ian Cotter pulls no punches with his lyrical critique of what’s presently happening in our society . “Nazi Sum scum surround me / But honey, it’s only our Geography” Cotter croons over psychedelic guitars on the album’s title track. “I was thinking about what the current social climate does on personal level,” Cotter states, “and filtering it through personal anxieties but trying not to lose sight of the broader picture.”

Like many current artists, CryFace hides most of their anxiety laced lyrics behind upbeat guitars and danceable beats. You bop along mindlessly to the peppy beat for the first few listens, but once you start listening to the lyrics you begin to peel back the intricate layers Cotter and co. have filled Smart Kids

Not all of the tracks on Smart Kids are upbeat. “Packup” plays like a ballad that bounces between foreboding and moody to expansive Bowie Space Oddity-esque grandeur. There’s an underlying darkness to the track, the warbling guitars give the hint that something just isn’t right. “Packup” reminds me a lot of the film The Virgin Suicides and the music written for the film by AIR.

It’s hard to believe the oldest member of CryFace is 23 as the band packs the lyrical and musical prowess of songwriters much older. Perhaps it’s just to be expected during these anxious times. 

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