Album Review: Crepes – Cold Summers EP

Summer has come and gone several times over the last month or so here in Michigan. We seem to get a little glimpse of it and then we’re back into the chill of early spring before we know it. I’ve been using music to help put me in the mood for warm weather and, in doing so, have stumbled across the sunny sounds of Crepes.

The Aussie quintet kick their EP off with the title track. Shimmery guitars dance under Tim Karmouche’s soft vocals as he reminisces about young love. There’s some Beach Boys nostalgia on “Cold Summers” but Crepes manages to reference the 60’s rock sound without lapsing into sounding like a tribute band as so many other acts that try and reference the past do. “Ain’t Horrible” ditches the bright vibes of “Cold Summers” using synths and a relaxed tempo to pull you into a hazy pop sound that will leave you in a daze.

You will emerge on the other side of the murk created by “Ain’t It Horrible” to the garage pop sound “Stages of Fear.” The psychedelic tones of the previous track have carried over but leave behind the slight feeling of unease for a beat that you’ll be unable to resist moving along to. “Moon Dancer” continues the journey into the mind-bending world that Crepes immerses their listeners in. With the help of some spaceship style synths in the background, I feel like I’m being lifted off into a world that resembles the cover art for this EP, which I’m completely okay with.

Cold Summers concludes with “Size of Your Town.” The piano heavy track meanders nicely along as if trying to help the listener reminisce about the experience they’ve had while listening to the short but sweet EP. What I’m left with is an EP crafted to make me feel as if I got to experience the best musical parts of 60’s and 70’s pop with small touches of present day. I’m completely at ease as I hit the repeat button and take the trip through the strange yet chill universe that Crepes has led me through one more time.

You can pick up the EP on Bandcamp.