Album Review: Creature Comfort – Echoes & Relics

Now that I’ve settled back into my little corner of the internet I’ve been able to put some time into discovering new music again and I’ve found the perfect band to get me back into the swing of things. Nashville foursome, Creature Comfort, craft a fun and carefree set of songs on their new EP, Echoes & Relics. We may be experiencing nothing but cold and rain here in the mitten, but listening to Echoes & Relics on repeat makes it so I can almost feel the summer sun shining brightly on my face.

The jangly guitars of “Am I Dreaming?” open the album up nicely. There’s a bit of The War on Drugs mixed with a 70’s rock vibe on the track that pull me in immediately and leave me wanting to hear more as soon as the song fades off. “Light Boy” is a song that should appear on any decent summer soundtrack this year. The bright and shiny guitars will have you up and dancing in no time and who can resist that Smiths-esque bass line?

“Blue Blood (Dark Boy)” opens with some wonderful rock guitars before dissolving into a meandering, blues rock inspired verse. The track switches nicely between meandering verses that will lull you into a nice, relaxing calm before building into upbeat choruses with hooky guitars.

If you aren’t listening to the bass lines that drive these tracks then you aren’t getting the full Creature Comfort experience. A driving bass line announces the start of “Sugar Cookies,” bouncing along with the back and forth guitars before the track opens up into a beautifully full soundscape for the chorus.

Album closer, “Run Rabbit Run” has some Tame Impala vibes mixed with Modest Mouse inspired guitar riffs. If you wonder what it means when Creature Comfort describes themselves as “space rock” then you need to look no further than this track as an example.

What I really love about Creature Comfort is that they manage to create music with clear influences while still creating their own signature sound. Echoes & Relics is a solid EP from which I struggle to pick a favorite track because they’re all just so damn good. I’m happy to be back in the music reviewing game and even happier because I got to get back into it with Creature Comfort.

You can pick Echoes & Relics up on Amazon, Google, and iTunes