Album Review: Connie Constance – In the Grass

Singer-songwriter and self-declared ‘organized hippy’ Connie Constance is just on the brink of being the next big thing and it’s no surprise why. With help from producer Blue Daisy, Constance has crafted some impressive tracks that make up her debut EP, In the Grass.

The EP opens beautifully with the ethereal “Stars.” Piano opens the track before some airy synths drop in and Constance’s distinctive London accent bring in the first verse. Layered in numerous instrumentals and harmnoies, “Stars” is a vivid daydream that you never want to escape. The track breaks off into an almost jazz inspired interlude at the end.

“Euphoric” opens up with a music box’s twinkling closing notes before Constance’s vocals come in over an ominous low beat. While “Stars” was filled with layers of warm tones, “Euphoric” is a sparse landscape that truly lets Constance’s vocals and lyrics shine bright, giving a more intimate look at the artist herself. “Your brown eyes mesmerize my mind / Does beauty make integrity shut the blinds?” Constance wonders through the last verse when the music really opens up, making you feel as if you are floating among the clouds above.

“Kingdom” has a touch of Erykah Badu’s freestyle soul and some indie rock and 70’s pop to it. Opening up with some “do do’s” and keys before introducing a toe-tapping beat, “Kingdom” is the most upbeat, dance inspiring track on the EP. The overall message of the song if very optimistic as Constance sings about not worrying and focusing on the now.

In the Grass may only contain three songs but they are a very promising three songs that show off a lot of talent from the young Londoner. I look forward to seeing where Connie Constance goes from here and what this talent will look like on a full length LP where Constance can really showcase her lyrical prowess.

In the Grass is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and Google Music.