Album Review: Coasts – A Rush of Blood EP

Despite only just releasing their second EP, A Rush of Blood, today, Coasts are already poised to be the breakout band of 2015. The Bristol based five some has already secured spots for both Coachella and Lollapalooza for 2015 as well as securing a spot opening for Bad Suns during the North American tour. A full length album is due out sometime next summer, but for now fans will have to settle for these four new tracks.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “A Rush of Blood”, which builds slowly eventually escalating to the full driving percussion and pulsating synths that I’ve come to expect from the Coasts. The chorus will hook you instantly, pulling you into this infectious indie anthem. The guys have definitely fleshed out their sound a bit, adding more musical layers than on their Paradise EP. While they come close to the line of over complication, they never cross it.

Unlike the opening track, “Let Go” wastes not time getting right into the bouncy guitars and pounding beats that makes it nearly impossible not to move along to the music. There’s a bit of a Two Door Cinema Club vibe in the guitar / synth hook that repeats throughout but the band’s signature tropical pop sound is still lingering just under the surface ready to jump out and make you feel like it’s the beginning of summer rather than December. If any song off A Rush of Blood is going to alert the world to Coasts’ arrival, it’s this one. The hooks are catchy, the beat is infectious, and the chorus crawls into your ears and sticks around long after the last track of the four song EP finishes.

Like the title track, “Wash Away” takes it slowly, stacking layers as the song moves along until the explosion over the chorus. It wasn’t until I got home from work and gave this track a proper listen on my good headphones that I truly appreciated it. On the crappy headset at work, “Wash Away” sounded a bit lackluster and was a low point of an otherwise excellent EP. But at home where I can hear every single note coming through my headphones, I can truly appreciate how intricately the track was put together. What is particularly stunning on “Wash Away” is the build up until there’s almost too much going on and then the drop off to little more than the vocals. Coasts may not have an extensive discography yet, but it’s clear that they know what they are doing.

“Lions” is a strong ending to a great EP. The track starts with a fuzzy synths before the reverbed vocals kick in. “Lions” might be the most restrained track on the album but it’s anything but boring. Again, Coasts show just how talented they are by knowing when to hold back and allow their musical talent and song writing abilities to speak for themselves. “Lions” is probably my favorite track on the album and leaves me wanting more.

Coasts may not have released much music, but A Rush of Blood definitely shows growth and potential for worldwide success. I can only hope that these four songs plus their Paradise EP can tide me over until their full length album comes out next year.