Album Review: Broken Bells – After The Disco

Passion and precedence merged within Danger Mouse and The Shins’ frontman James Mercer as they drop their sophomore album, After The Disco as Broken Bells. This album is remarkable proof of their partnership, still holding true to Danger’s digital atmosphere and Mercer’s knack for writing inspiring songs.

After The Disco takes you back to the late 1970’s with the BeeGees. This album certainly has post-disco influences, especially during “Holding On For Life” as Mercer’s vocals are reminiscent of Barry Gibb’s R&B falsetto. “Medicine” and “No Matter What You’re Told” steps away from the disco era with a moodier bassline and the duo slows things down with “The Angel And The Fool”.

Broken Bells created a brilliant pop album that gets you swaying during the catchy choruses, funky basslines, engaging hooks, and its downtempo beats. The title track, released as the first single, raised high hopes within its fans, but they definitely followed through and made an enjoyable 11 track album.

Pick up After the Disco on the band’s official site, Amazon, or iTunes.