Album Review: Bliss Nova – Do You Feel EP

A few weeks ago I was treated to the indie pop earworm title track off of the Toledo brother duo, Bliss Nova’s debut EP, Do You Feel. Now I’ve got my hands on the EP and can’t help but get swept up in the dance infused indie pop dream that Daniel and Joel Trzcinski create throughout the EP’s six tracks.

Trippy waves of synths crash into dreamy vocals on opening track, “Nothing to Lose.” The intro of the track builds layer upon layer until launching into an almost Nintendo rock style synth solo before dissipating into the short but sweet “Interlude” that announces Do You Feel‘s title track’s arrival.

The album’s fourth track, “My Nightmare” is the definition of chillwave with it’s cascading synths that will hook you from the moment the song starts. The track feels like it could have, and should have been featured on every hit movie soundtrack during the 80’s. I think I can safely say that it’s my favorite track on Do You Feel. 

Ok, maybe I lied because as soon as “All Right” starts playing through my headphones it slides right up next to “My Nightmare” as an instant favorite. Pulsing beats and ethereal “oohs” build into the neon bright track and will make you feel the warm sun on your face, even on a cold dreary day like it is today. I’m able to instantly transport myself to a warm beach while I listen to “All Right” on repeat a few times before moving on to the album’s closer.

Do You Feel closes out with “Different,” a slightly slower, drifting track compared to the rest. If Do You Feel is a dance-pop dreamworld crafted intricately by the Trzcinski brothers, then “Different” is track that slowly brings you back to reality in a haze that will make you wonder if everything you experienced while listening to Do You Feel was really happening.

You can grab your copy of Do You Feel on iTunes.