Concert Review: So Long, Farewell Tour Part II featuring Motion City Soundtrack

June 5, 2016: The Fillmore, Detroit

While the time between sets can feel never-ending when you’re waiting for one of your favorite bands to take the stage, I was happy to let the rest of the night pass as slowly as possible. But, as it always does, time seemed to move at super speed and it wasn’t long before Motion City Soundtrack took the Fillmore stage for the last time to uproarious applause and shouts. The rest of the evening was a mix of a sing-along so loud that MCS was often drowned out and lead singer, Justin Pierre, recounting some of his most memorable moments from playing Detroit. What is truly a testament to the love shown to the band from the packed Fillmore that night was that even after all these years MCS can still rock as hard as they did when they first started out.

Pierre seems so comfortable in front of the audience it was hard to believe him when he said that he felt that he wasn’t on top of his game with the in between song banter. Keyboardist Jesse Johnson is still the ball of energy that he was when I first saw MCS perform live over ten years ago. Matt Taylor and Josh Cain perfected their power stances long ago and are just as good at banter as Pierre. And you could never even tell that Tony Thaxton took a hiatus from MCS for a few years.

The guys filled the night with a great mix of old and new tracks and there were barely any moments when the entirety of the venue wasn’t singing along at the top of their lungs. While I felt that tug of emotion earlier in the evening as Pierre got a little teary when he thanked all the fans, old and new, for throwing so much support and love at the band over the years, it wasn’t until the guys exited the stage before the encore when I really felt it. I knew that they would be back out, that it wasn’t over yet but the thought that there were only two or three songs seemed like something that was impossible to deal with in that moment.

Thankfully the guys didn’t keep us waiting long so I could push those feelings aside and allow myself to rock out through the last three songs of the night, letting go completely when the evening was closed on “The Future Freaks Me Out.” It was a night full of emotions and, honestly, not something I think I’ve completely come to terms with, but I can say that Motion City Soundtrack gave me another night that I will never forget.

I don’t think that there are words that will ever say how thankful I am for the music and memories that Motion City Soundtrack has given me over the years. It’s funny to think that while I can’t remember what I was doing at this time a week ago, I remember things like the first time I heard Motion City Soundtrack, the first time I saw them live, and the excitement of listening to every album of theirs for the first time.

I may not personally know Justin, Jesse, Matt, Josh, or Tony but they still feel like close friends. Their music helped me get through so much and served as the soundtrack to so many memories. So thanks, once again, Motion City Soundtrack for being such great guys on and off stage and putting music into the world that will forever hold a very dear place in my heart.